• Lexi Tronolone

How to Stay on Track with Healthy Eating in College

Ever feel overwhelmed with how to eat healthy while in classes? Whether you're in college, high school, or a full-time job; staying on track with your eating can be hard. I tend to find myself eating out a lot during the week and in return not feeling my best come Friday. As much as eating out and enjoying your foods is important, I wouldn't recommend it as an everyday thing.

With that being said, when I eat out I almost always go for a healthy option - maybe a salad, smoothie, wrap, or rice bowl. Even though I strive to eat whole foods when I go out, you still don't really know what you're getting in terms of sauces and the value of the ingredients used. JUST REMEMBER, eating out is OKAY, and you should enjoy meals out!! Indulge, try new things, and satisfy your cravings...just know the difference of going out for the experience versus the convenience.

After a lot of trail and error, I have learned that honestly the only thing that allows me to bring lunch to class throughout the week is if I meal prep. And yes that might seem like an obvious answer, but meal prepping truly isn't for everyone. I personally can only meal prep side dishes and a protein or two, not complete meals. I find that when I meal prep more than one complete meal for a few days I end up not eating it because I get sick of it. Instead, I will prep a few sweet potatoes or grain, some baked veggies, a protein, and a few sauces. Occasionally I can make a huge curry or stir fry, but I typically instead make a lot of smaller options and combine them in different ways each day to make different meals. Many more meal prep posts to come! DM me on instagram or email me with any ideas you have :)

Baked tofu with bell peppers and onions.

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